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Book Number 3559 
Author Paracelsus; Johannem Huserum Brisgoium 
Title Erster Theil Der Buecher und Schrifften des Edlen / Hochgelehrten un Bewehrten Philosophi anno Medici. Philippi Theophrasti Bombast von Hohenheim / Paracelsi genannt: Jetzt auffs nem auss den Originalten, und Theophrasti cigner Handschifft / Souiel Derselben zubefommen gewesen / auffs trewlichst und fleissigst an tag geben: Durch Johannem Huserum Brisgoium Chursuerstlichen Coelnischen Rhat unnd Medicum. In diesem Theil warden begriffen die Buecher welche von Disprung und hergoomen aller Brancthessen banddnin Genere: Deren Catalogus nach det Draesation an den Leser zufinden. 
Date c. 1589. 
Publisher Conrad Waldkirch 
Place of Publication Basel 
Volume Information Three books in one. 
Cover Rebacked skillfully saving late 18th-century marble boards, recent ¼ calf, spine in six compartments of raised bands and blind-tooled floral motifs, gilt text on two, three and six.  
Illustration With in-text woodblock shields. Titles in red and black inks. 
Size Small thick 4to. 
Condition Lacks portrait; margins extended to first 13 leaves; tears to lower margin with old repairs on final 54 leaves, starting from marginal repairs in the earlier leaves and culminating to loss of 1/3 of text by the final leaf; browning and foxing throughout; a poor copy. 
Pagination P. Book One. title, blank, “Dem Hochweierdigste” (5), “huserus” (4), “ermstum” (2), to the reader (3), contents (2), 1-426; Book 2. “epitaphium”, frontis, title, 4-342, (2), index (54); Book 3. title, “Philippus Theophrastus Bombast Hohenheimensis”, “Et rapti furiis”, contents (2), to the reader, 1-53, 56-420, index (106), (2). 
Reference Porter, Roy, Katharine Park, and Lorraine Daston. The Cambridge History of Science: Early Modern Science. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2006. 506. 
Translation Info  
Notes Pagination jumps from p. 53 to 56 in the third book with no loss to text or variation in foliation. This is a collection of three books written by the scientist and philosopher Paracelsus (or Phillippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493-1541), and edited by Johann Huser. In Germany, Paracelsus is known as the father of toxicology, having coined the German equivalent of the phrase, “The dose makes the poison.” He delved much into astrology and alchemy, and gave the name “zink” to the element known today as “zinc”. He also was the first academic to suggest the existence of an “unconscious” mind. He often disagreed with his contemporaries and was eventually banished from Basel, where he had served as the university’s chair of medicine. The Cambridge History of Science states: “The reaction to Paracelsus was not one of immediate appreciation…. During the 1560s and 1570s, however, the German followers … began to publish his works. This publishing effort reached a climax in the 1590s with the monumental collection of Paracelsus’s works edited by Johann Huser, entitled ‘Bücher und Schrifften’ (Books and Writings)” (506).  
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Short Description Book Science & Technology; Book Early Printed General; Book Medical; 
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