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Book Number 5481 
Author Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius 
Title In Somnium Scipionis, Lib. II. saturnaliorum, Lib. VII. Ex variis, ac vetustissimis codicibus recogniti, & aucti. 
Date c. 1560 
Publisher Theobaldum Paganum 
Place of Publication Lyon 
Volume Information  
Cover Contemporary full calf, expertly rebacked. Covers with gilt cornerpieces, central decoration and tooled rules. Spine in six compartments of raised bands. Gilt text on morocco label on 2. Gilt ornamentation on 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  
Illustration Illustrated with six in-text diagrams and the famous world map.  
Size 12mo (169x110mm).  
Condition A handsome and fine example. Interior is generally very good.  
Pagination P. title, 1-567, index (73), blank. (62 mispag. as 72; 184 as 284; 220 as 120; 404 as 462; 505 as 522; 534 as 554) 
Reference Graesse IV, 330; Harness VIII, 298; Adams M70. 
Translation Info  
Notes This edition brings together two important works of the 5th century thinker Marcobius. One is the Saturnalia: a compendium of ancient Roman religious and antiquarian lore that summarizes key scientific knowledge of the ancients, especially regarding astronomy, shape and immobility of the Earth, placed at the center of the world, the movement of planets and stars, the harmony of the spheres, the Pythagorean number theory, metaphysics, the immortality of the soul etc. This work takes the form of a dialogue held at a great banquet. The other work is the Commentarii in Somnium Scipionis ("Commentary on the Dream of Scipio"), which was an important source for Platonism in the Latin West during the Middle Ages. The influence of Macrobius was important in scientific thought of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly as regards the form and description of the world. Bookplate on verso of top cover that says, “Bibliothecae Hyacynthi Theodori Baron, Antiqui Facultatris Medicinae Parisiensis Decani, nec non Castrorum Regis et Exerciluum Prolo medici.” Hyacinth Theodore Baron (1686-1758) was a professor and dean of the faculty of medicine at Paris. He had a great share in the Pharmacopoeia of Paris. In 1739 he gave an academic dissertation in Latin on chocolate, “An senibus Chocolate potas?” which has been often reprinted. His son, of the same name, war also dean of the faculty at Paris. There is writing in period ink on title with a date of 1882 discernable. There is the blue ex-libris stamp of Jouanneau de Nully, au château de la Vaudouriere à Lunay on the title as well.  
Price (US$) 2250  
Short Description Book Early Printed General; Book Astronomy; Book Science & Technology;  

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