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Book ID 309 
Title London Interiors: A Grand National Exhibition. 
Date 1841 
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Book ID 561 
Author Bayley, John. 
Title The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London, with Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons, Deduced from Records, State-Papers, and Manuscripts and from other Original and Authentic Sources. 
Date 1830 
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Book ID 1547 
Author Pennant, Thomas. 
Title The Journey from Chester to London. 
Date 1782 

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Book ID 2820 
Author H. J. Sarrett 
Title New Picture of London for 1814; or, the Stranger’s Guide Through the Metropolis; Containing a Comprehensive Description of Every Object Deserving of Notice in the British Capital. 
Date 1814 
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Book ID 3519 
Author William Gray Fearnside; Thomas Harrel 
Title The Great Metropolis: or, Views and History of London in the Nineteenth Century: being a Grand Nationa Exhibition of the British Capital. With Historical and Topographical Notices of each Place. Edited by William Gray Fearnside, Esq., and Thomas Harrel. Illustrated with Splendid Steel Engravings. 
Date c. 1862. 
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Book ID 3635 
Author Thomas H. Shepherd; James Elmes 
Title London And its Environs in the Nineteenth Century, Illustrated by a Series of Views From Original Drawings, by Thomas H. Shepherd, with Historical, Topographical and Critical Notices. Series the First, Comprising the Earlier Edifices, Antiquities, &c. / Metropolitan Improvements; or London, in the Nineteenth Century: Being a Series of Views, of the New and Most Interesting Objects, in the British Metropolis & Its Vicinity: from Original Drawings by Mr. Tho, H. Shepherd. With Historical, Topographical, & Critical Illustrations, by James Elmes, M.R.J.A. 
Date c. 1829. 
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Book ID 3701 
Author Walter Thornbury; Edward Walford 
Title Old and New London: A Narrative of its History, its People, and its Places. By Walter Thornbury. A New Edition, Carefully Revised and Corrected. Illustrated with numerous Engravings from the most Authentic Sources. 
Date c. 1875. 
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Book ID 4754 
Author Baynes, Thomas Mann 
Title Lithographic Sketch of The North Bank of the Thames, From Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, Shewing The Proposed Quay, And Some Other Improvements Suggested By Lieut.-Colonel Trench; To Which Are Annexed, A Survey of that Part of the River, And A Prospectus Of The Proposed Plan 
Date c.1825 
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Book ID 4969 
Author Macartney, Mervyn E., B.A., F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A. 
Title Practical Exemplar of Architecture, being measured drawings & photographs of examples of architectural details 
Date c. 1907 
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Book ID 5703 
Author George Reeves,  
Title A NEW HISTORY OF LONDON from Its Foundation to the present year.  
Date c. 1764 
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