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Book ID 2740 
Author John Worlidge 
Title Systema agriculturae; The mystery of husbandry discovered: Treating of the several New and most Advantagious Ways of Tilling, Planting, Sowing, Manuring, Ordering. . . 
Date c. 1675. 

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Book ID 3621 
Author John Evelyn; Alexander Hunter 
Title Silva: or a Discourse of Forest-Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty s Dominions: As it was delivered in the Royal Society on the 15th Day of October, 1662, Upon Occasion of certain Quaeries propounded to that illustrious Assembly, by the Honourable the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy. Together with An Historical Account of the Sacredness and Use of Standing Groves. 
Date c. 1776. 
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