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Book ID 2764 
Author William Taplin 
Title The Sportsman s Cabinet; or, A Correct Deliniation of the Various Dogs used in the Sports of the Field: Including the Canine Race in General. 
Date c. 1804 

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Book ID 3659 
Author Henry Alken 
Title British Sports. / The National Sports of Great Britain. / By Henry Alken. / With Descriptions in English and French. / Chasse et amusemens [sic] nationaux de la Grande-Bretagne. / Par H. Alken. / Avec des Descriptions en Anglais et en Français. 
Date c. 1823. 

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Book ID 5430 
Author Dean Wolstenholme; R. G. Reeve 
Title Beagles, Fox Hounds, Harriers and Stag Hounds 
Date c. 1812 

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