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Book ID 2890 
Author Louis Forest; Charles Martin (Illustrator) 
Title Monseigneur le Vin 
Date 1927 

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Book ID 3467 
Author Menon; B. Clermont, translator 
Title The Professed Cook. Or, the Modern Art of Cookery, Pastry, and Confectionary, Made Plain and Easy. Consisting of the most approved Methods in the French as well as English Cookery. In Which the French Names of all the different Dishes are given and explained, whereby every Bill of Fare beomes intelligible and familiar. / Including a Translation of Les Soupers de la Cour: with the Addition of the best Receipts which have ever appeared in the French or English Languages, and adapted to the London Markets. By B. Clemont, Who has been many Years Clerk of the Kitchen in some of the first Families of this Kingdom, and lately to the Right Hon. the Earl of Abingdon. 
Date c. 1776. 
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Book ID 4579 
Author Hampson, John 
Title The English at Table 
Date 1944 
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Book ID 6261 
Author Thomas Hoggson  
Title The Squire’s Home-Made Wines as describ’d and set-forth in the Journal of Thomas Hoggson… 
Date 1924. 
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