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Book ID 1916 
Author W.N. Russell 
Title Memorial of the Marriage of HRH Albert Edward Prince of Wales and HRH Alexandra Princess of Denmark. 
Date 1863 

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Book ID 1964 
Author Robert Huish 
Title Memoirs of George the Third 
Date 1821 
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Book ID 2124 
Author Marquis Charles Auguste de La Fare 
Title Memoires et Reflexions Sur les Principaux Evenemens du Regne de Louis XIV 
Date 1716 
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Book ID 2702 
Author Thomas Moule 
Title Bibliotecha Heraldica Magnae Britanniae an Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood & Ceremonies: With a List of Provincial Visitations, Pedigrees, Collections of Arms, and other Manuscripts. . . 
Date 1822 
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Book ID 3289 
Author John Guillim; Francis Nower 
Title A Display of Heraldrie: Manifesting A more easie access to the knowledge therof then hath hitherto been published by any, through the benefit of Method; Wherein it is now reduced by the Study and Industry of John Guillim late Pursuivant at Armes. / Interlaced with much variety of History, suitable to the several Occasions or Subjects. / The fourth Edition. / Corrected and much enlarged by the Author himselfe in his life time: Together with his own Addition of explaining the tearms of Hawking and Hunting, for the use and delight of Gentlemen. And now to this fourth Edition are added about three hundred new Coats and Bearings of eminent Families, in their proper Sections, never before inserted. As also a true Register of the Blazons of all the Knights of the Garter, from the first Installment to the last: And also of all the Baronets from their first Creation to the last. / Faithfully collested by Francis Nower Arms-Painter (and Student in Heraldry) in Bartholomew Lane, London. 
Date c. 1660. 
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Book ID 3445 
Author Franz G. zu Erbach; Johann Wilhelm Wendt; Karl Morneweg, ed. 
Title Silhouetten von Verwandten und Freunden, nach dem Leben vollkommen Ă„hnlich gezeichnet. 
Date 1923 

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Book ID 3698 
Author Anton Reichsritter von Geusau 
Title Geschichte der Romischen Kaiser mit ihren Bildnissen. Verssast von Anton Reichsritter von Geusau. Gestochen und herausgegeben von Quirin Mark.  
Date c. 1804-6. 

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Book ID 3712 
Author Samuel Friedrich Lauterbach 
Title Pohlnische Chronicke, oder historische Nachricht von dem Leben und Thalen aller Hertzoge und Koenige in Pohlen 
Date c. 1727. 

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Book ID 3802 
Author Balat; Billoin; Fourmois; Huarl; Landers; Stroobant; Schubert; W. Le Roy 
Title Souvenirs de la Fete Donnee le 26 septembre 1848 par le Cercle artistique et litteraire sous le patronage du roi du gouvernement et de la ville de Bruxelles aux artistes exposants et aux members du congres agricole. Dessines et lithographies Par MM. Billoin, Fourmois, Huarl, Landers, Stroobant, Schubert, W. Le Roy, Et publies sous la direction de M. Balat, Architecte, par Dero-Becker. 
Date c. 1849 

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Book ID 4139 
Author Bruce S. Ingram 
Title The Illustrated London News Coronation Record Number King George V. and Queen Mary. 
Date c.1911 
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